Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday Blues

Gorman Pants, Gorman Top, Birkenstock Shoes. 

 Currently in Melbourne and can I just say what a stunning city this is! Love everything about it - the vibe, the people, the old buildings, the street art, the shopping. Haven't been too lucky with the weather although hopefully it gets better soon...

Anyways so Melbourne as you may already know from me saying just before has some stunning shops. One of my favourite in particular; Gorman. Specifically its outlet shop. We went there two days ago and it had so much of stock for so so much cheaper! Highly highly recommend. It's called Gorman Surprise. So I bought these pants and top (and a whole lot of other things I can assure you...)

Just find this outfit (especially the pants) suuuuper comfy and simple yet stylish at the same time. I have a lot of patterns in my wardrobe and was in need of some simple pieces to go with all my statement clothes.

Hope you all have a delightful week and I'll see you just before school goes back... ahhhhh

Lots of love

Isabella xoxox

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Love

Gorman Jumper, Gorman Top, Birkenstock Shoes, Zara Jeans.

Currently on holiday and loving it! I am visiting my aunty and uncle on their farm and am seriously enjoying the time to rejuvenate and relax. Today was Easter and I for sure ate my way through the day - chocolate and all.

Loving Gorman recently, both my top and jumper are from there and can I just say how comfy I find their garments. One thing I have begun to continuously do is wear a hat with my clothes. I find that it just brings the whole outfit together. Loving the winter weather that’s rolling in, and can’t wait to get the winter wardrobe out and in action!

This outfit is super easy to wear both casually like I did with the hat, or if you chuck a coat on and some heeled sandals it can be certainly classed up!

Have a lovely Easter weekend my loves and I’ll be sure to see you very soon.

 Isabella xxx

Sunday, 9 April 2017


I have had the craziest week, I was on a kayaking camp for four days which was so much fun - and then the day after we got back I had formal! Crazy I know... fair to say I'm very tired.
 But formal was such fun and I'm so glad I went :) 

I have a little story to tell about this dress - which I hold very dear to my heart. One day I was talking to my mum about what I should wear to this formal coming up and we were trying old dresses of hers on and having a giggle, when she remembered she found her year 12 formal dress from 1984. So she pulled it down from the cupboard and I tried it on and I just loved it. So I decided to wear it to the formal. Not only did she win best dressed, she also designed it out of pure silk and can I just point out that it has pockets! Everything about this dress is so special to me and I was so proud to wear it to my formal and gladly say when people asked me that it was my mums year 12 formal dress.

So there my little story, I hope you all have a lovely week,

xoxo Isabella

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Denim Days

The Fifth Label (Shirt), Bullshead (Vintage Jeans), Solsana Shoes, Bau House (Earrings)

Today was such a lovely day, I went to one of my favourite markets - Gilles Street Market - and I bumped into one of my friends that I haven't seen for ages! Don't you just love it when that happens :)
I bought these jeans that I am wearing in this post and I am just obsessed! I have been in desperate search for 'mom' jeans and when I found them today I was super excited. 

This week is going to be so hectic; I'm going a kayaking camp for four days and then the day after I get back I'm going to formal! I'm really looking forward to it! And don't worry there will definitely be a post on what I am wearing and it will be all over my Instagram as well (@isabellafrankieee) - there is such a gorgeous story to go with it and can't wait to share it with you! Sneak Peak: I'm wearing these shoes to it... in love with them! 

Have a beautiful week and I'll catch you after my kayaking camp and formal - can't wait to tell you all about it!

xoxox isabella

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Peachy Keen

 c/meo pants, cotton on shirt, betts shoes

This week has been the craziest most eventful week so far this year. I am so grateful that I got through it will all sanity still in tact... my mum might argue differently :) 

How cool are these pants?! Terracotta is fricken amazing I am so in love with the colour its such a joke.... The buttons going down the on leg are just so unique. You can dress them down just like I have or put some heels on and a strapless top and your set for a night out! I can't wait to wear them all throughout winter, definitely going to be a wardrobe staple during the cold season.

lots of love

xoxox isabellafrankiee

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Little Bit Stripey

Witchery boots, Shakuhachi top, Vintage shorts, vintage jacket, 

I've snuck away from revision and learning drama lines to quickly write this post. It's been such a crazy week with the long weekend all my teachers have decided that they would bombard us with assignments and test because apparently, we have the time to do them... well not anymore!

Anyway onto this outfit, I've had these photos for a week now and I am so excited to finally share them with you all. I am obsessed with this top at the moment. It has these two bits of fabric that I have tied around my neck but you can do anything you want with them. Not to mention that the front is uneven, I mean how cool and different is that?! It's just so simple and easy to wear, you can dress it up like I have with the boots and jacket, or you can just chuck on a pair jeans, pop your hair into a messy bun and your sorted. So versatile I love it!

lots of love
isabellafrankiee xoxox

Friday, 10 March 2017

Simple yet put together!

Gorman Headband

Birkenstock Shoes

Country Road Skirt

TopShop Top and Sunnies I don't know where these are from because I got them for Christmas but  I've seen them around everywhere at boutiques and surf shops!

Loving this outfit! The Country Road skirt is just so simple and easy to throw on and I am obsessed with the zip down the front.  Plain pieces are such a staple for me in my wardrobe. I've paired it with a loose baby blue top. Such an elegant colour which goes so nicely with my headband and earrings. The earrings are wood and from this cute coffee shop near me called E for Ethel. They are just so pretty because they are shaped like clouds with baby pink and blue tracing the outside. Loving the baby blue colour recently. But onto the headband... my fav food of all time is a banana (and hot chips hehe)! They are just soooo tasty and yellow happens to be my fav colour as well, coincidence? I think not... So when I saw this banana headband in Gorman I knew I was destined to wear it. So I ended up buying it of course (no surprise there) and I am not even kidding I wear this everywhere. The bow at the front is just divine and the fabric is just so damn soft!  I just adore it. Anyone can rock one of these I promise, you've just gotta own it. Every time my friends see me out wearing it they are like I could never rock that and I'm like girl plz you do you! There are so many prints of these in Gorman that you've just have to find the one that suits your style and you'll never look back! My sunnies are just simple flashback pink ones, I love wearing these and knowing no one can see my eyes. And of course, my shoes are just my classic comfy black Birkenstocks. Can never go wrong with these! Definitely one of my favourite outfits as it's so simple but it looks super put together!

isabellafrankie xoxo